Desk Lamp by Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi Demonstrates The Aida Desk Lamp

Ali Alavi, the designer of the highlighted project desk lamp:Aida by Ali Alavi explicates, Personally , I draw inspiration from animals in nature and in most of my designs I prefer to deploy natural forms rather than using geometric forms. Desk lam <Cropped>

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Award Winning Mystica-Night Safari Event Design

Aris Mannequis Shares The Mystica-Night Safari Event Design

Aris Mannequis, the designer of the award winning work Event design :Mystica - Night Safari by Aris Mannequis spells out, Visual Studio was pleased to have the opportunity to work with Wildlife Reserve Singapore - Night Safari creating an event and <Cropped>

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Zhongnan Mansion-Clubhouse by Kris Lin and Jiayu Yang

Kris Lin and Jiayu Yang Creates The Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse

Kris Lin and Jiayu Yang, the creator of the awarded project Award Winning Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse points out, This project is a part of hangzhou zhongnan project, which is a residential community. The designer adopts an abstract approach in the in <Cropped>

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Sales Office by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Shares The City Crossing Sales Office

Kris Lin, the maker of the displayed design Award Winning City Crossing Sales Office says, By practicing the concept of trinity of architecture, interior design and landscape, we have created a coherent spatial design. In our design we used "flo <Cropped>

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Steven Yang Avis's Skræp Pendant

Steven Yang Avis Demonstrates The Skræp Pendant

Steven Yang Avis, the creative mind behind the award winning work Skræp by Steven Yang Avis says, Luxmea’s Skræp transforms the materiality and formality of a crumpled scrap paper into a charm/pendent by combining digital modeling, 3D printing an <Cropped>

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Emre Omay & Batu Derer's Genel Energy Head Office

Emre Omay & Batu Derer Demonstrates The Genel Energy Head Office

Emre Omay & Batu Derer, the maker of the displayed work Head Office by Emre Omay & Batu Derer demonstrates, Genel Energy Head Office is located in a high rise building within a space of approximately 3,350 sqm. The design represents mid seaso <Cropped>

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Brazilian Cliches-Book by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Brazilian Cliches Book

The maker of the award winning design Book by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Composed exclusively from images of a catalogue of Brazilian letterpress cliches from the beginning of the 20th century, the book's irreverent illustrations depict Braz <Cropped>

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Yicca 2019-International Contest of Contemporary Art

The Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The International Market of Contemporary Art. 4000€ in Prizes + Exhibition in Milan (italy)!internationality and Networking Make Yicca a Huge Opportunity For The A

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. 4000€ in prizes + exhibition in milan (italy)!Internationality and networking make yicca a huge opportunity for <Cropped>

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Avanza Packaging Sl's Grandes De Apiane Wine Bottle

Avanza Packaging Sl Shows The Grandes De Apiane Wine Bottle

Avanza Packaging SL, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning Grandes de Apiane Wine Bottle demonstrates, Elegance and aesthetics were customer’s guidelines for that new bottle project. Helena came as a perfect name to express seduction fo <Cropped>

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Chlo'e Kao's Brainstorming Office

Chlo'e Kao Portrays The Brainstorming Office

Chlo'e Kao, the author of the highlighted project Award Winning Brainstorming Office demonstrates, Office room is space for connecting and brainstorming rather than for just hard working whole dull days. In fact, professional designers need a pl <Cropped>

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