Corporate Identity by Prashant Chauhan

Prashant Chauhan Creates The Giga Africa Corporate Identity

Prashant Chauhan , the creative mind behind the displayed project Giga Africa by Prashant Chauhan illustrates, This Logo is developed for a group based across African Continent with a widely diversified portfolio. The design integrates the various bu <Cropped>

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Tetsuya Matsumoto's Kawaii-Cute Cramming School

Tetsuya Matsumoto Designs The Kawaii-Cute Cramming School

Tetsuya Matsumoto, the creative mind behind the displayed work Kawaii - Cute by Tetsuya Matsumoto spells out, Surrounded by neighboring girls’ high schools, this Toshin Satellite Preparatory School is taking advantage of its strategic location on a <Cropped>

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Thijs Goossink's Modular Wine Rack Nucleus Modular Wine Rack

Thijs Goossink Designs The Modular Wine Rack Nucleus Modular Wine Rack

Thijs Goossink, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Award Winning Modular wine rack Nucleus Modular Wine Rack points out, Nucleus consists of flat elements of extruded aluminium. Each element is identical in shape, has a scratch-proof satin <Cropped>

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Mascara by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Motemascara One Mascara

The maker of the highlighted project Mascara by Acclaimed Designer points out, MOTEMASCARA ONE is the top product in the MOTEMASCARA series, Japan’s best-selling mascara. Everything’s been re-examined—from the specs to how it’s made—and evo <Cropped>

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Packaging by Annie Wu

Annie Wu Shares The Buttonwood Packaging

Annie Wu , the architect of the awarded project Packaging:Buttonwood by Annie Wu points out, Ms. Annie Wu and her professor collaborated on the project for a year from the concept to the execution. Buttonwood is a café and bakery located on main st <Cropped>

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Sales Office by Interface :ar.kunal Barve

Interface :ar.kunal Barve Exhibits The Kalpataru Magnus Sales Office

Interface :Ar.Kunal Barve, the project leader of the highlighted project Award Winning Kalpataru Magnus Sales Office points out, The site was a slim long rectangular pavilion, with embracing landscape,and glass facades on both sides. The immediate de <Cropped>

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Software as a by Keyvan Kasaei

Keyvan Kasaei Demonstrates The Software as a Service

Keyvan Kasaei, the lead designer of the displayed project - Software as a Service by Keyvan Kasaei explains, UReferred, is a Software as a Service, referral hiring platform designed for companies to hire more effectively through trusted <Cropped>

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Packaging:massaya by Brandit

Brandit. Shows The Massaya Packaging

BRANDiT., the project leader of the highlighted design Massaya - Packaging by BRANDiT. explains, Massaya is a decorative package to hold two wine bottles. Usually wine packages are made for vertical display and then the package is thrown away once th <Cropped>

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Children´s Furniture by Sramkova, Hamacek & Charvat

Sramkova, Hamacek & Charvat Discloses The Fantasy Children´s Furniture

Sramkova, Hamacek & Charvat, the creative mind behind the awarded design Fantasy by Sramkova, Hamacek & Charvat says, Fantasy is a complete furniture line to the children´s interiors. The characteristic feature of all cabinets is originally <Cropped>

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Award Winning 751 Design Store Pop Up Shop

Zhou You and Cao Liang Designs The 751 Design Store Pop Up Shop

Zhou You and Cao Liang, the author of the displayed project 751 Design Store - Pop Up Shop by Zhou You and Cao Liang spells out, 751 Design Store is a pop up store designed for Beijing Design Week. Designers try to avoid the practice of excessive dem <Cropped>

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